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The Cabal of Scrier (a.k.a. the "Brotherhood of Scrier" or the "Secret Order of Scrier") is a centuries-old organization inspired by its namesake, an immensely powerful ancient being who claimed to be old when the several billion-year old Galactus was young, as well as to be the architect of life on Earth.

Though believed to have been destroyed circa 18500 B.C., five centuries before Atlantis fell, Scrier (one of many names the entity has used over his lifespan) remained dormant for thousands of years beneath an ancient temple hidden in the Himalayas. The Cabal's members all dress identically with hooded robes and a ghostly costume. The intensely dedicated members behave in a quasi-religious fashion with rituals and ceremonies. Rooted in Europe, the "Scriers" hold ties to organized crime in Europe and share a common goal of maximizing the accumulation of wealth and power through whatever means necessary.

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