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Wanting to be separated from his Bruce Banner persona, the Hulk asked for help of Doctor Doom to do so. Doom subjected Hulk to a series of surgeries with the aim of extracting from his skull the parts of his brain that were uniquely Banner.[1]

When he successfully separated them, Doom created a cloned body of Bruce Banner that lacked the genetic quirks that had allowed Banner to absorb Gamma radiation and become the Hulk in the first place. After it was finished, Hulk took him from Latveria, knowing that Doom had plans for him, and left Banner in the desert; meanwhile, Hulk went to live underground.[2]

Sometime later, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross were relaxing on a tropical island in an attempt to reconcile their relationship; however, their moment was ruined when a guide showed up to inform Banner that he was ready to test the island for radiation. Since Betty knew that something was up, Banner admitted that although the Hulk was an accident, it was still his greatest achievement, and he apparently wanted to recreate it.[3]

Banner started experimenting on various creatures of the island in an attempt to replicate the circumstances that made him into the Hulk, but every attempt resulted in nothing but failure, including a tumor the size of a grapefruit and the island full of gamma-irradiated monsters. Elsewhere, Amanda von Doom brought the Hulk up to the surface to ask him for help killing Banner, as she was the leader of a team tasked with hunting mad scientists.[citation needed]

After two of his Gamma monsters attacked Hulk's adopted family, the Moloids, Hulk decided to ally himself with Amanda Von Doom in taking down Banner. He traveled to Banner's island and engaged wave after wave of Banner's irradiated creatures, eventually making his way to Bruce himself who planned to detonate a Gamma Bomb on the island in an attempt to recreate the event that made him into the Hulk in the first place. Hulk finally managed to find his way to Banner who tried and failed to fight him off with everything he had. Hulk grabbed him and held him point blank to the bomb as it detonated.[2] Banner was vaporized by the bomb and Hulk left Amanda Von Doom on the island with Banner's remaining monstrosities. He pondered that, despite Banner's death, he could still hear him screaming in his mind.[4]

Apparently, the gamma radiation of the explosion fused their minds together again, with the result that, for a time, the Hulk would revert back into the insane Banner when he became too calm, until enough time elapsed for Banner to regain his sanity and accept the return to their original status quo.[citation needed]


  • Banner had a brain tumor caused by gamma radiation, which may have led to his madness.[citation needed]

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