When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, the Hulk was among the many that eventually succumbed to it. The infected Thing and his tribe asked for Hulk's help in killing the uninfected scientists trying to find a cure. Hulk and his army confronted Wolverine and other heroes at the Goethals Bridge while the science team fled. In the ensuing conflict, the Hulk bit off Wolverine's left arm and made a necklace with it while the other heroes escaped.[1] After Wolverine fell into the river below, Hulk left with the remainder of his army in search of the scientists.

However, Wolverine survived the fall and regrouped with the rest of the heroes. Later on, Hulk confronted Wolverine and Deadpool and launched Wolverine into the distance. He and his tribe failed to catch the science team before they escaped.[2]

Robert Bruce Banner (Earth-11080) from Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher Vol 1 2 0001


Years later, the Punisher killed him with one of Wolverine's claws tied to an arrow.[3]


Seemingly those of Bruce Banner (Earth-616)#Powers.


Due to his exposure to Survivor 118, Hulk was capable of adapting to extreme changes in his environment.

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