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Bruce Banner's history presumably mirrors his Earth-616 counterpart's up to the moment when he tested his Gamma Bomb. He apparently didn't need to rescue Rick Jones, allowing him to successfully test the Gamma Bomb. He had hoped to provide a better future with his bomb and eventually married Betty Ross. However, the United States chose instead to devastate Earth with the Gamma Bomb and become the largest empire in history.[1]

When Gamma Mutates were created by the Gamma Bombs, President Thaddeus Ross made Banner build a machine to banish the Gamma Mutates into the Superflow. Feeling tremendous guilt for the devastation he caused, Banner went into hiding to fix what he caused and retrieve the Gamma Mutates he had banished. Instead, he accidentally retrieved Bruce Banner of Earth-616. Banner then explained to Banner-616 what had become of his world.[2]

When Banner's base was found by the government, President Ross sent a military force to apprehend Banner while he watched what happened from a plane. However, the force sent was devastated by Banner-616 as the Hulk. So, Ross called Banner-122 and threatened to kill his former student Peter Parker unless he ended Banner-616's attack. Banner-122 was unable to stop Banner-616 in time for Ross to shoot Parker and kick him out the plane. Banner-122 then explained to Banner-616 that he once experimented on Parker using an irradiated spider to cure him of an unnamed condition, just as troops came in to apprehend him.[3]

While in custody, President Ross brutally beat Banner-122 for information on Banner-616. Banner-122 eventually revealed how he brought Banner-616 to Earth-122 and his reasons for doing so. While in private, Ross revealed that the gamma mutates that he was forced to exile were just weak mutates that Ross had no use for. In reality, Ross kept the strong ones, forming the Abominations, and after gaining control of them, used them to help the United States conquer the world. Ross then deployed the Abominations against Banner-616 as Banner-122 begged him to stop.[4]

When the Abominations were thrashed after Banner-616 transformed into a monstrous new form, President Ross ordered that Banner-616 be stopped by dropping a Gamma Bomb on him. Banner-122 protested, stating that thousands of people in nearby cities would be killed, but Ross didn't care. So, Banner-122 tackled Ross and killed him with his revolver.

Banner-122 then contacted Banner-616 who by now had reverted back to his Savage Hulk form and asked him to help stop the Gamma Bomb. Using Banner-122's interdimensional portal, Banner-616 diverted the gamma energy released by the bomb away and was then sucked into the portal. As Banner-616 left Earth-122, Banner-122 asked Banner-616 to use the Hulk for good as Ross' men came in to apprehend him.[5]



Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.


Requires the need of a cane

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