The Hulk was called in to aid Iron Man in defeating the Abomination and Sandman, who were holding Grand Central Station hostage in exchange for Cosmic Bricks. The Hulk very easily defeated Abomination, but Sandman proved to be a challenge for the two heroes. The sudden arrival of Spider-Man, however, helped them in defeating Sandman and returning the two villains to custody.

Hulk "helped" Tony Stark research the Cosmic Bricks, though he had a tendency to break Tony's computers.

Hulk, Iron Man, and Wolverine were investigating the attack at Riker's, before Sabretooth freed all the villains being held there. The Hulk managed to stop Abomination, but the other villains got away.

When Galactus (under the control of Loki) arrived at Earth, the heroes created a large sculpture of Earth with Hulk and Thor inside. Using the two as a Trojan Horse, the heroes sent it to Galactus. While attempting to devouring it, Galactus broke Hulk and Thor out, who caught him off-guard. The combined power of the two was enough to knock Galactus into a portal to an unknown location far from Earth.

The Hulk was present at Tony Stark's party, in celebration of Galactus' defeat.[2]

More of Hulk's activities can be found here: [1]


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

Voiced By Fred Tatasciore

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