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Robert Bruce Banner or as he is more publicly known as Hulk is one of the few surviving heroes within Earth-2301. Originally the Earth-2301 Hulk appeared to be some form of mystic familiar energy spirit who at one time was a servant of Dormammu.

Dr. Banner discovered the Negative Zone, a dimension containing vast amounts of energy, and was tricked by the terrorist organization HYDRA into building "the Energy Well", a means of harvesting this energy to power their weapon of mass destruction. However, when the weapon was fired it created a massive EMP which caused a global blackout for twenty-four hours, killing thousands. During this time of crisis, Prince Namor of Atlantis led an invasion of the surface but was stopped by Iron Man, who disappeared soon after. Tony Stark rescued the now insane Dr. Banner and suppressed any memory of his involvement from his mind with a Cerebral Driver. Years later Dr. Banner was hired by Stark Industries to reconstruct "the Energy Well". During the Well reaction, Banner gained the ability to summon gods after being exposed to Gamma Radiation when the Well malfunctioned. Banner's love for the deceased Toni Stark reached out to her and was reciprocated. He ascended to another plane of existence (most likely Asgard) to stay alongside her.

Hulk: Broken Worlds

The Hulk wandered the Norse Cosmological plane, defeating Ice Giants as he goes. Climbing a mountain, the massive spirit observes the moon happily until Fenrir began eating it. While initially failing to stop the creature, the Hulk jumps to the surface of the Cosmological plain. Picking up Jormungandr, he proceeded to lasso Fenrir and pull it to ground before going about beating one to death with the other.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616, including:
Superhuman Strength: Possessed enough strength to both lift and swing the entirety of the mythical World Serpent.
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Durability
Accelerated Healing Factor
Mouth Blast: A massive blast of energy projected from Hulk's mouth. It can easily cut a hole through the Avengers' Ultimate Iron Man mech, and its maximum range is about 21 miles.

Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, Banner could summon his Hulk-self at will and not just during moments of anger or stress.


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.


  • Whilst being more than a match for any Earthly hero, the Hulk was easily defeated by Thor.
  • In his Hulk form, he has intense schizophrenia.



A laser gun.


  • This version of the hulk is apparently 245 feet tall, or 41 fadmr in the Norse realm's measurement.
    • This easily makes him five times the size of the average Frost Giant.

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