Hulk was on a weapons test site and was accidentally shot with a missile. He tried to kill the soldiers, but was stopped by the Raiders. They lured him away from the military base, but Hulk caught up with them and nearly killed them. Wolverine and the X-Men intervened. After defeating them, he faced a new mob of heroes, including the New Avengers, Avengers, Agents of Atlas, Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, Young Avengers, and Deadpool. The Young Avengers fought him first, and he easily defeated them. In escaping, Sentry pushed him back into the battle. Though none actually defeated him, they held him off long enough for soldiers to return with Adamantium-tipped hypodermic needles. He then transformed back into his Banner form and the heroes cleaned up his damage.


Seemingly those of Hulk of Earth-616.

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