In this universe, Bruce Banner was said to have shared space with a gamma explosion and somehow survived, resulting in his ability to transform into a rampant green-skinned creature when he becomes angry. He was kept on medication to stop him turning into the Hulk again, having once destroyed part of New York City when he transformed. The medication made him depressed and he was convinced it was slowing his work down. Replacing Hank Pym as head of the super soldier program, he desperately wished to recreate the Captain America serum to give him control over the Hulk. Betty Ross was his ex-girlfriend and assistant.

Bruce Banner

Bruce briefly had control over the Hulk when he mixed his blood with Captain America's serum, aiding him during the Chitauri attack. However, as the violence intensified, he became savage once more and turned on the Avengers. Proving to be stronger than even Thor, it took Betty Ross to calm the Hulk down long enough for a sedative to take effect. Bruce was kept in a glass prison and gassed with sedative to avoid him getting too excited.[1]


Seemingly those of Robert Bruce Banner of Earth-1610


Seemingly those of Robert Bruce Banner of Earth-1610

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