The history of this incarnation of Robert Bruce Banner, and how he became the green monstrosity known as The Hulk, is most likely identical to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. At his first appearance in this reality, Bruce Banner has been the Hulk for some time now. Although mostly seen as a monster, the Hulk did perform several heroic deeds. He even got a video game based on his adventures named "The Hulk: Gamma Rampage"[1]

This incarnation of the Hulk encountered the young superhero team known as Power Pack on several occasions, and fought side by side with them against multiple supervillains. The first time they met in a subway, when the Power Kids were on their way to meet their father, James Power while Bruce Banner was in the same subway train also on his way to Dr. Power, with whom he was working together. The train got attacked by Absorbing Man. The Hulk and Power Pack were able to beat him.

The second time the heroes met was during a demonstration of a new electromagnetic generator, designed by Dr. Power and Banner. During the demonstration, the electrical villain Zzzax was unleashed (Power Pack had unknowingly brought him with them after a fight with Hydra earlier) and attacked the audience until Power Pack and Hulk successfully defeated him by shorting him out.

Some time after this, the Abomination escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and wreaked havoc in New York. Hulk got blamed by the media for the rampage. For a brief moment, even Power Pack was tricked into believing Hulk had gone rogue. When Abomination showed up however, the misunderstanding was cleared and the five heroes teamed up against the Abomination, beating him and handing him back to S.H.I.E.L.D.

This was not the end of it however, as multiple other heroes had seen the news and came to investigate the damage, for which they too believed Hulk to be responsible. Power Pack tried to explain the situation, but Hulk attacked the heroes, resulting in a massive fight. Hulk easily shrugged off everything the heroes could throw at him, until Katie used her powers to absorb enough gamma radiation from Hulk to revert him back to Bruce Banner.


Seemingly those of Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner) of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

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