The past history of the Hulk on Earth-77105 is mostly unknown, however it stands to reason that it likely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart in many ways. In this reality, Captain America and Bucky remained active through World War II and continued crime fighting until the modern era.

In the Hulk's first recorded appearance in this reality he was seen on a rampage during a time when Bucky (now director of SHIELD) was visiting with Captain America. The Hulk would easily swat aside the older Cap, and wander off. While the Hulk's appearance was brief, his actions would convince Bucky (now calling himself Buck) that Steve Rogers was too old to keep up being Captain America and convince Steve to trade roles. The Hulk's rampage would also lead to his friend Rick Jones to becoming the new Bucky[1].

The Hulk's present activities remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Bruce Banner (Earth-616)#Powers

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