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The past history of Hulk of Earth-776 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point when he left the Avengers. In this reality, when the Avengers would meet to decide what to do about the Hulk they would be unable to come to a group decision and disband. Iron Man would still consider the Hulk a threat and would win Rick Jones to his cause. Rick would attempt to try and contain the Hulk on his own, leading to a battle between Hulk and Iron Man. The battle would end with the Hulk escaping the battle.

The Hulk would run into and briefly battle the Sub-Mariner until the two would decide to form an alliance and issue a challenge against the Avengers. Iron Man would attempt to reunite the remaining members in specially made armor to battle the two, however Iron Man would ultimately face them alone. Even with super-charged armor, Iron Man would fare poorly against the combined strength of both the Hulk and the Sub-Mariner and would be beaten nearly to death. When the other Armored Avengers would arrive to fight them off. They would fare no better and Iron Man would sacrifice his life to recharge Giant-Man's armor. The battle would end when the Hulk would turn his aggressions toward the Sub-Mariner when the undersea monarch would threaten the life of his friend Rick Jones. They would clash under the ocean until both would depart, Namor because he would find continued combat futile, and the Hulk because he was running out of breath.[1]

The Hulk's current activities remain unrevealed.

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Seemingly those of Bruce Banner (Earth-616)#Powers.

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