The past history of Bruce Banner of Earth-7812 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the day his Gamma Bomb was being tested. In this reality, Rick Jones would push Banner into the safety trench as the Gamma bomb would go off. Rick would become the Hulk by night, and Banner, feeling responsible would focus his time to trying to find Rick a cure. After the Hulk's first rampage, Banner would take Rick into hiding in a secret lab where Bruce would work on finding a cure. Creating a Gamma device to try to cure Rick, the device would work. However, Rick would be manipulated into transforming into the Hulk again by Loki and he'd smash the device.

Hulk's exploit would lead to the formation of the Avengers, giving Banner access to the labs of Tony Stark to repair the device. Banner would finish it just in time, as the Avengers would come at odds about the Hulk following their battle against the Space Phantom. Banner would blast Rick with the Gamma ray weapon restoring him to normal, although this would prove only temporary.

Over the months however, Banner would continue to work at Stark's lab to improve his device. Over the passage of time, Rick would become bonded to the Kree warrior Captain Marvel and would be shunted to the Negative Zone whenever Mar-Vell would be needed on Earth. When Rick would be terrorized by Annihilus in the Negative Zone, Rick's girlfriend would seek out the aid of Banner and Mr. Fantastic to free him. Seeing that Rick had once more transformed into the Hulk in the Negative Zone, Banner would fire his device into Richard's Negative Zone portal the result causing Rick and the Hulk to be split into two distinct beings, and Rick would be rescued from the Zone.

Banner's subsequent activities following this remain unrevealed.

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