Bruce Banner and Howard Stark were working together on Project: Big Green, studying a way to use gamma radiation as a clean source of energy. Unfortunately, the government took control of the project, hoping to use the research to create a "clean bomb". Disgusted by this perversion of their research, Howard and Bruce quit. When Bruce was attempting to take his research materials back, he encountered a young runaway named Rick Jones. When General Ross detonated the experimental Gamma Bomb, Bruce shoved Rick into a nearby crevice, saving the boy's life. Unfortunately, Bruce himself was caught in the energy blast. In the aftermath, whenever he grew angry or upset, Bruce would transform into a giant, musclebound monster the press dubbed "The Hulk".[1]

Controller pursued him and Rick Jones in a plot to control Hulk as part of his revenge against A.I.M. During Hulk's appearance, he did not once regressed back to Bruce Banner, but Rick Jones mumbled the name 'Bruce' while he was unconscious. Hulk and Iron Man managed to overcome Controller and A.I.M. and they part on friendly terms.[2]

The following year, now in his human form, Bruce came to his old friend, Howard Stark, seeking his help. During their work together, they had worked on a device called the Gamma siphon, which Bruce believed could cure him. However, as the pair began the procedure, they were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., or, more to the fact, Bruce's old enemy, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who wanted to mass-produce the Hulk-transformation for the military, with no care whether Bruce lived or not. In a three way battle between the Hulk, Iron Man, and Ross' forces, Hulk remembered Iron Man was his friend and saved him from the weaponized gamma siphon. Amazingly, Hulk survived the blast, only to emerge as a gray-skinned version of himself with Bruce's consciousness now in full control. Hulk confronted Ross, saying that he would like nothing more than to SMASH the soldier... but that it wouldn't be worth it. As he left, Hulk told Iron Man that if the hero ever needed him, he would come.[1]

Hulk later appeared to aid Iron Man and his allies to stop the invasion of Earth from the Makluans.[3]


Seemingly those of Hulk of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Hulk of Earth-616

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