Quote1.png Hulk is not man! Hulk is Hulk! AND HULK IS THE HUNGRIEST THERE IS! Quote2.png
-- Hulk src


Hulk's history is similar to the Earth-616 Hulk, including his exile to Sakaar by the Illuminati. After the planet was devastated, Hulk and the Warbound sought revenge on Earth and first travel to Earth's moon where Hulk focuses his intention on Black Bolt. But upon arriving, he confronts Black Bolt and Medusa to only discovered to his horror that they and the Inhumans became zombies all thanks to the dimensionally displaced, zombified Giant Man. Hulk was then surrounded by the zombified Inhumans and Giant Man until the Warbound came to assist him. However, Black Bolt shortly subdued the Warbound, and the team was immediately devoured. Hulk quickly escaped with a wounded Elloe Kaifi. Once away, Hulk discovered that he was bitten, and soon after he transformed and tore Elloe apart and devoured her.

The zombified Hulk then focuses his attention on Earth where he lands in New York City to feast on the city's people. The Illuminati were shocked of the Hulk's appearance, and dispatched the Sentry to subdue him. Hulk took massive effective blows from him, until he transformed back into Bruce Banner after which he begged for his help. Sentry transforms back into Robert Reynolds to assist him, but Banner feigned this and bit Reynolds, transforming him into a zombie. The two teamed up and went on a feeding rampage until Sentry betrayed him, believing that without the Hulk it would "triple [his] food supply." As he tried to kill him, the Hulk soon transformed back into Banner.[1]

The Hulk later teamed up with the zombie Spider-Man's New Avengers to combat the last remaining zombies, including the Sentry to get revenge upon him; Logan wanted to kill him as well for eating Kitty Pryde. He managed to overcome the hunger as well. In the final battle, Hulk was killed by the nanite Sandman to stop the virus to go further.[2]


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

  • Hulk became a great friend of Spider-Man, since saying "Bug-Man Hulk's friend! Bug-Man teach Hulk all zombies must die!"

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