During the accident that should have transformed Bruce into the Hulk, Doctor Doom arrived, saving Banner from the brunt of the damage. Doom created a suit for Banner that would protect him from his own Gamma Radiation and Banner started working for Doom ever since.

When Doom was about to execute Thor and the Defenders, Banner and the others turned on him, Banner releasing the energy field that prevented Mjolnir from returning to Thor.

After being forced to retreat from the Defenders and his own defectors, Doom attempted to use his time machine to go back even further and prevent this eventuality, but Banner shut down the machine. When threatened, he pointed out that Doom didn't want to hit him with Gamma augmented repulsors, just in case.


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

  • While he did not transform into the Hulk, Banner's need for his suit may imply that he was still saturated with Gamma Radiation, the suit now serving to either prolong his life, or protect others from the harmful emissions.
  • Voiced by Fred Tatasciore

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