At some point, the Hulk was trapped in the time fog by Director Fury, who feared he would lose control of his rage, and mess up his plans.

While investigating Director Fury, and the time fog, Black Widow found out Hulk was trapped in it. With Iron Man help, Black Widow was able to clear out the fog in the area Hulk was trapped , and free him from his restrains.

Hulk who had no recollection of what had happened to him, was brought to the Academy by the students who freed him. They then decided to help Hulk show that he was in control of his rage to Director Fury. After helping the Director, he proved his usefulness to the Academy, and was accepted as a member.

The Scientist Supreme tried to recruit Hulk to A.I.M., by telling him that Avengers Academy only wanted to use him as a weapon, and at A.I.M. they would value his genius, and would turn him back into Bruce Banner. Upon talking to various students at the Academy he was convinced not to leave them, he understood that the Scientist Supreme was the one that wanted to use him as a weapon, and refused his invitation.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner from Earth-616.


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