Quote1 You two literally share a brain! Quote2
-- Gwen Stacy referring to Hulk and Banner src

Dr. Bruce Banner was a brilliant scientist who was exposed to Gamma radiation during an experiment and got transformed into the Hulk.

Bruce Banner (Earth-TRN633) from Marvel's Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 11 002

Bruce Banner

Once, he was chasing a gamma radiation signal and found Man-Wolf battling Spider-Man. After being deprived of his powers, Man-Wolf escaped, but Banner, alongside Spider-Man, went to Horizon High, where Man-Wolf had started to wreck everything. They managed to detain him, however he had scratch several students and they all turned into werewolves, that also started to tear the place apart. It wasn't until later that, with the help of Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn, the problem was solved and everyone went back to normal.[1]


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

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