The Hulk was one of the heroes of Earth who fought Thanos when he invaded the planet for the last time.[2] Unlike his fellow heroes, however, the Hulk was kept alive as the Mad Titan's dog. He was put in the basement of the temple Thanos built from the bones of the Celestials, where he was fed with his former friends and foes. Broken, the Hulk constantly begged to be killed.[3]

He ended up being unleashed by the Fallen One when he confronted Thanos after spending millenia becoming worthy of Mjolnir. Upon seeing what had become of his friend, the Fallen One calmed him down, making him return to his human form moments before Thanos stabbed both of them in the back with the Twilight Sword, instantly killing Bruce.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Prime Marvel Universe's Hulk.


Seemingly those of the Prime Marvel Universe's Hulk.

Physical Strength

Seemingly that of the Prime Marvel Universe's Hulk.

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