The history of Bruce Banner of Earth-TRN781 is believed to mirror that of Bruce Banner of Earth-616 until the One Below All managed to destroy his soul and take possession of his body. Two billion years before the end of the Eighth Cosmos, the possessed Hulk managed to kill Franklin Richards, Galactus, and Mister Immortal. Eons later, he was approached by the Sentience of the Universe, who thought that Bruce Banner was still himself and wanted to merge together in order to become a new being in the next cosmos;[2] however, the One Below All-possessed Hulk grabbed the Sentience and devoured him, which in turn, begun transforming Banner.[3] In the newly created cosmos, the Hulk had become a Galactus-like being.

After ten billion years, the Breaker of Worlds had destroyed almost all life, light, and planets throughout the universe, rendering it dead. After the Breaker of Worlds destroyed O%los, the last surviving inhabitant - Par%l - tried to make contact and reason with the cosmic being, but the alien instead met the abstract form of the One Below All, who told Par%l that it wanted to "Make all hollow as I, dark and dead as I" and then killed hir, becoming alone as it had desired; however, as hir final act Par%l had sent a Tiding-fly into the previous cosmos, where it was found by the Leader.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner and those of the Galactus of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner and those of the Galactus of Earth-616.


  • Unlike Galactus, Breaker-Apart doesn't seem to feed on the energies of planets as he still possesses his connection to the One-Below-All and the Below place. Galactus Needs to feed on worlds to survive and live but gamma mutates draw their power from the One-Below-All and cannot truly be killed or die so long as they are infused with gamma energy. The Breaker-Apart has the cosmic power of Galactus and the Inexhaustible energy of the Hulk.

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