The Maestro was a Bruce Banner from an alternate dimension who used a machine he pilfered from the deceased Doctor Doom to travel to Earth-21923,[5] as there was nothing left in his timeline for him anymore.[6] He gathered the remaining members of the Hulk Gang and convinced them to go with him to Earth-616 so they could build a paradise for Hulks there.[5] To accomplish that, the Maestro planned to have the Hulk Gang detonate several nukes at the same time throughout the world to wipe out mankind, lying to them that they would survive the explosion.[7]

Bruce Banner (Earth-TRN794) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 25 001

The Maestro in his human form

Using the abandoned Department H Weapons Facility as his headquarters, the Maestro had the Hulk Gang gather resources while indocrinating them into believing there was a war between man and Hulk, citing the recent death of the Bruce Banner of this timeline during the Second Superhuman Civil War as evidence.[8] He also forbade the Hulk Gang from setting off on some personal vendetta against their timeline's Logan, but some of them disobeyed him and ended up getting killed. Billy-Bob managed to escape Logan with his life and told what happened to the Maestro. If it wasn't for Cambria's interference, the Maestro would have killed Billy-Bob for his impertinence. They abandoned the facility soon afterwards, taking with them some nuclear missiles.[9]

Later, the Maestro led the Hulk Gang into taking over a compound in a remote part of the Yukon Territory and ordered Buck to take a group of Hulks, including Billy-Bob, with him to hunt Logan down before he could get to them. The Maestro also asked Buck to do away with Billy-Bob during the mission.[4] When Cambria started to doubt his plan, the Maestro sent the young Malakai to spy on her only for her to escape the compound[10] to seek help from Logan.

Jozelle, one of the Hulks who were dispatched with Buck, returned to the compound and warned the Maestro that Logan knew of his plan before succumbing to her wounds. With no time left to lose, the Maestro remained behind with the children while the other adult members of the Hulk Gang went to their designated targets with a nuke each.[11] Most of the bombs were neutralized by Puck as the Maestro fought Logan, Cambria, and Hawkeye. After Malakai got hold of the last active missile, Hawkeye knocked him out before he could open it and a battle for its possession ensued. It ended with a heavily wounded Maestro fleeing to fight Logan another day.[5]

Bruce Banner (Earth-TRN794) vs. James Howlett (Earth-21923) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 50 001

Apparent death

Fully recovered, the Maestro took over the small town of Fort Wells and declared himself its "king." Logan discovered the Maestro's whereabouts months later and went there[2] in hopes of using Doom's machine to return to his timeline.[12] Upon seeing what the Maestro had done to the town, Logan tried to end his reign of terror to no avail, as his healing factor wasn't working properly anymore.[2] Five days later, Logan returned to Fort Wells to challenge the Maestro again. This time, however, he had the help of some residents of the town. Having learned from a man loyal to him that Logan was searching for Doom's machine, the Maestro offered the mutant a chance to return home, but he didn't take it. The Maestro then destroyed the machine and fought Logan to the death, being ultimately decapitated.[12]

The Maestro's body and severed head were found by the X-Men when they went looking for Logan[13] and taken to Forge's laboratory to be examined. The Maestro wasn't really dead though, he was regenerating. This discovery prompted Forge to put the body in stasis to slow down the process. He also took this opportunity to study the Maestro and develop Hulk-stopping weaponry.[14]


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

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Seemingly that of the Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

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