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Baby Bruce was the newest member of the Hulk Gang, and Pappy Banner's favorite among them. When Logan wiped the entire evil gang out, he felt it was poetic justice that Bruce Jr. was the first member of his new team of heroes to retake the country.[2]

New Defenders


500 years in the future, with a dying Earth, Hulk Jr., along other numerous heroes, defeated Galactus in order to use him as a power source for a time machine with which they traveled to Earth-616 in order to inhabit that Earth. The Fantastic Four of this universe convinced them to live on the Nu-World.[3] There, Bruce gained and lost a family and spent years in Lord Lightwave's prison waiting for his chance for revenge against his former teammates. But when the Galactus of Earth-616 came to end Nu-World, he fled it with the surviving New Defenders. He was last seen on the rebuilt Galactus engine heading to a new world.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly inherited all the powers and abilities associated with his grandfather, with the exception that he kept his intelligence in Hulk form.[5]


Genius Level Intellect: He was as smart as his father and was far superior mentally, although it seems slightly reduced in his Hulk form.[6]

Physical Strength

Presumably beyond class 100+



Galactus's Corpse


  • The only time Bruce Banner Jr. has turned into his human form was when Gaea absorbed his Gamma radiation. Once he de-hulked, he learned that he was even smarter, and his Gamma form impaired his intelligence greatly.[6]

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