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Bruce Bravelle had agreed to be a test subject for Professor Davis, who was trying to find a way to nourish the human body using electrical currents as a substitute for food. In the middle of one of the tests, a bolt of lightning strikes the castle, causing an opposing magnetic flow. Afterwards, Bruce discovers he can spin around like a top when he crosses his wrists (or is exposed to electricity). Davis dubbed Bruce The Top and told him he should use his powers to fight crime and help the innocent.

In his first recorded adventure as the Human Top, Bravelle would stop a bunch of bank robbers from fleeing the police. Taking the money back to National Bank owner Horace Vanderveer. Unaware that Vanderveer was behind the robbery, the Human Top would be shocked to find when he is later framed for the robbery. Tracking Vanderveer to his yacht, the Human Top would then easily defeat his minions and use his spinning powers to force Horace into confessing his crimes.[1]

Alternate costume

After weeks of inactivity, the Human Top would hear a radio call regarding a train crash and spin off to rescue the injured passengers. Arriving at the scene, the Human Top learned that the train was being robbed by a masked criminal calling himself the Red Terror. Using his powers, the Top forced the Red Terror to flee in his zeppelin. After rescuing the trapped passengers, the Human Top would follow the Red Terror to his hideout in an abandoned mine. After the Top fought through all the mines defenses, the Red Terror attempted to flee in his zeppelin once more. The Top would wreck the zeppelin before it could get away, sending the Red Terror falling to his death.[2]

The Human Top's subsequent activities are unrecorded.


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The Top can spin at super speeds, fly, drill his way through walls and deflect bullets with his superhuman abilities when he crosses his wrists. He can also conduct the electricity of his body through conductors, thus obviating the need for crossing his wrists.



The Top's costume is green with red boots, red shoulders, red around his neck and collarbone, and a red top on his chest and back.


Bruce Bravelle should not be confused with the wartime member of the Kid Commandos David Mitchell, also known as the Human Top or with David Cannon, better known as Whirlwind whose first identity was also the Human Top.

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