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Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan is the son of Betty-6, a woman resembling the late wife of the Maestro, Betty, and possibly of the Maestro himself or the Hulk who had traveled in the future and with whom the Maestro had forced her to lie with him. Betty-6 was persecuted by the Abomination because she was pregnant and he was afraid that the newborn in the future could claim the throne he had won after the Maestro's death. To escape the assassination attempt, Betty-6 used the time platform along with a group of persecuted Dystopians and traveled into the past taking refuge in the homeless community that lived in the New York tunnels and was under the protection of the Abomination of the past. Immediately after arriving in New York, the child was born and managed to survive an assassination attempt by the Maestro's cousin, Shulk. Once the danger was over, Betty-6 married one of the Dystopians who had fled with her, Librito, so the child would have a father.[1]

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