The Disciplinarian was sent by the Kingpin to assassinate Ecstasy, but once he got to the hotel she was at she already left for Holy Ghost Church to find Dagger after being warned by one of Kingpin's employees of the Disciplinarian's arrival. The Disciplinarian arrived at the church (again too late). He meet Francis Delgado who tried to kill the Disciplinarian with a candle stick holder, but was shot. Disciplinarian caught up to Ecstasy who was fighting Dagger. Since he couldn't tell which lady was which, he decided to kill them both. Before he could do that, he was stopped by Crimson Daffodil. But after coming to his senses he challenged Dagger to a shoot out. However, Dagger defeated him and knocked him out.[1]


Has a slow motion temporal field, like an envelope where time moves slower.



Enemy of Cloak & Dagger

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