Quote1 That was the last guy. I'm the Bruin. Get it right, I'm trying to build a rep here. Quote2
-- Bruin src

Hobgoblin sold an old exo-skeleton previously used by the Grizzly to a criminal in modified form. Instead of using the name "Grizzly," the unnamed criminal used the alias of "the Bruin" in order to build a good reputation. Bruin accompanied Blaze and Devil Spider in a bank heist where they end up facing a Venom-possessed Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Spider-Man's body).[1] Superior Spider-Man started to brutally beat the three villains in this Venom-possessed form which led to the Avengers intervening.[2]

Bruin later reunited with Hobgoblin when he re-assumed control of the Hobgoblin franchise.[3]


Bruin uses a strength-enhancing exo-skeleton covered with a grizzly bear-inspired costume.[1]

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