This bully began his own extortion attacks on an area of Bronx, New York City. He performed brutality and vandalism against the neighbors. They did not dare to oppose him because they feared the Bruiser's behavior if angered.[1]

One of the Bruiser's victims was the mother of Edwin Jarvis. Jarvis discovered the Bruiser's existence when visiting his mother, and she asked him to do something. Jarvis first asked the Bruiser to pay for the ravages he performed, and was answered with sheer force. The neighbors suggested him to call the Avengers, but he decided against it because the Avengers had other priorities and because the people could handle this.[1]

Jarvis then dueled the Bruiser with his knowledge of boxing. The neighbors saw Jarvis's courage and the Bruiser trying to cheat. Thus, the neighbors united against the Bruiser, attacking him. The Bruiser felt embarrassed and decided it was time to move to another area of the city. [1]




Knowledge of extortion techniques and certain fighting abilities.

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