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Bruiser was once a super-villain and a sometime ally of the Destroyer's brother, Richard Marlow. Trying to get his life back on track, however, he gave up the life of crime for over three years, working as a laborer in a warehouse six days a week in order to look after his mother.[1]

When many of the Destroyer's old enemies began to be killed off, Bruiser suspected that the hero was the one behind the murders. He reluctantly allied himself with the Destroyer's arch-nemesis Scar in order to protect himself. Beating the Destroyer to a pulp alongside Crocodile and the Organite, Bruiser was killed when the Destroyer strapped an explosive device to his belt, blowing him into pieces.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Bruiser appeared to possess superhuman strength and durability to an unknown degree.


Bruiser appeared to be a trained boxer.



Bruiser wore equipment typical for a boxer, including boxing gloves and a head-protector.

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