Like all of the Asgardians of Earth-12591, the Valkyrie was transformed into a zombie when Odin was bitten by a zombie on Earth. The Asgardians all hold a special bond with Odin's life-force, and once this life force was tainted by the zombie infection, this too spread to all of the Asgardians.[1] The Valkyrie led the Valkyrior in search of Loki, who they felt was the last unturned Asgardian. They tracked him to Dr. Zephyr Zog's private train, where he was hiding. The Valkyrie attacked the engine of the train, pinning Flexo to his seat with her spear and consuming the eyes of Zog before pulling his body out of the window. She later threw his decapitated head into the train cabin that housed the remaining Ducky Dozen and Suffragists members. The Valkyrie next went for Taxi Taylor, flying away with her aboard her winged steed, but Taylor was rescued by Columbia who chopped the winged horse's wing off with her sword. The Valkyrie and Columbia then had a swordfight on top of the train car, with Columbia decapitating the zombified Asgardian, but not before the Valkyrie was able to bite Columbia's arm, sealing her fate.[2]


Seemingly those of Brunnhilde of Earth-616.

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