The history of this Valkyrie followed the same path as her Earth-616 counterpart's until the point Ultron returned, as the evil A.I. couldn't be stopped.

Months after his return[1], Ultron launched a massive and sudden attack on New York, and the rest of the world, quickly taking over the whole planet[2], and slowly starting to remold it into his own shape. With Ultron sentinels guarding the streets looking for any fugitive, many super heroes and citizens made a refuge underground the Central Park, where Tony Stark provided enough technology to keep them safe from Ultron. Valkyrie was one of the superhero refuges.[3]

Brunnhilde (Earth-61112) 003

Valkyrie with the rest of the resistance.

Captain America revealed he had a plan to defeat Ultron, which included heading to the Savage Land. Using Invisible Woman's invisibility and Storm's mistcloak, she and other heroes from the resistance managed to arrive to Antarctica, where they met Ka-Zar. Emma Frost's mental powers detected Luke Cage in the proximity, who survived an attack from Ultron's forces and managed to get to the Savage Land using a Quinjet, via Frost, he told the heroes Ultron was actually in the future, using Vision as a conduit to punish humanity. In that moment Moon Knight, Black Widow and Red Hulk arrived, revealing they had a plan made by Nick Fury to defeat Ultron.[4] A small group of heroes led by Nick Fury traveled to the future using Doctor Doom's Time Platform in order to confront Ultron, and Valkyrie was one of the many heroes who stayed in the present Savage Land as the last defense.[5]


Seemingly those of the Brunnhilde of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Brunnhilde of Earth-616.



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