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Bruno Carrelli was the only friend of Kamala Khan who knew she was secretly the super hero Ms. Marvel. He also helped her cover her heroic activities from her parents.[1][2]


Early Life

Bruno met Kamala when they were in the second grade. He had recently been removed from his mother's custody because of her drug problem, and had been handed over to his grandparents. They were struggling to make ends meet and, at the time, Bruno seemed poorly taken care of. The Khans offered to pay the activity fees that Bruno's grandparents couldn't afford, and convinced Kamala to sit with him. Though she was reluctant at first, they ended up forming a close friendship.[3]

At some point pre-canon, he got a job at the Circle Q.

Post-Terrigen Mists

Bruno's brother Vick, who had previously asked to borrow money, decided to rob the Circle Q, not realizing Bruno would be on shift. He discovered Kamala was Ms.Marvel when she saw a robbery happening and tried to prevent it.[4]

Bruno was already inventing a bio-kinetic polymer for a scholarship application. He used that to create a costume for Ms. Marvel, along with her bangles that had been passed down from her mother.[3]



Genius Intelligence: Bruno possesses an exceptional degree of intellect with an IQ of 170 according to Doctor Faustus.[5]


  • Bruno is a Catholic and a second generation Italian-American.[6]


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