Bruno Grainger was a thief and former henchman of the Black Cat in her criminal days. during his time in her employ, Grainger came into conflict with the hero Spider-Man.[1]

Bruno Grainger (Earth-616) from Black Cat Vol 1 1 002

Bruno taking down fellow soldiers

Bruno joined the Black Cat in a heist of a painting from a gallery. While acting as a server, Bruno and Boris Korpse ended up stealing one of the paintings while Felicia acted as the bait because of her history the security were focused more on her then anyone else. Boris was driving Felicia's car after she was escorted off them premises.

As Bruno and the others made their getaway, they were attacked by the Thieves Guild who wanted to steal the painting from Felicia. They managed to escape due to the untimely appearance of security guard Sonny Ocampo. Back at the hideout, Bruno sat back and had a drink when they became surprised that the buyer of the painting showed up at their place revealing himself as the Black Fox.[2]


None, human.

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