Early years

Bruno Grainger was an helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army, and a Bagram heavyweight champion.

Bruno Grainger (Earth-616) from Black Cat Vol 1 1 002

Bruno taking down fellow soldiers

Grainger had a "problem with authority", and was involved in at least a brawl while in Afghanistan involving military personnel,[1] which presumably led him to quit in a way or another the Army.


During her early criminal days, Black Cat recruited Bruno Grainger and Dr. Boris Korpse as her first crew, for her first big job: breaking her father, Walter Hardy, out of jail. His conflict with authority went away in her employ.[1] During that time, Grainger came into conflict with the hero Spider-Man.[2]

Bruno and Dr. Korpse later joined the Black Cat in a heist of a painting from the Frick Collection. Acting as waiters, Bruno and Korpse ended up stealing one of the paintings while Felicia acted as the bait because of her history the security were focused more on her then anyone else. Boris was driving Felicia's car after she was escorted off the premises. As Bruno and the others made their getaway, they were attacked by the Thieves Guild who wanted to steal the painting for themselves. They managed to escape due to the untimely appearance of security guard Sonny Ocampo. Back at the hideout, Black Cat proposed her crew to distance themselves from her due to the Guild's actions, but they both refused. The crew was surprised by the mysterious buyer, who managed to evade all security measures and entered the hideout, revealing himself as the Black Fox, the man who had taught both Black Cat and her father about the arts of robbery.[1]

Grainger was described as having "a bit of a problem with authority" while in the Army, until he joined the Black Cat's crew. Then, he became extremely loyal to her, refusing to distance himself when she was targeted by the New York Thieves Guild. Black Cat even stated he would attack the Hulk if asked to.[1]


  • Boxing: Grainger was a skilled boxer, and was a heavyweight champion at Bagram.[1]
  • Pilot: An ex-Army helicopter pilot, Grainger was stated to be able to pilot anything with wheels or blades.[1]

  • Bruno was seemingly a fan of Elvis, as he had as only tapes in his car only two, both from him.[1]

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