Bruno Karnelli was the self-proclaimed heir apparent of the two Maggia families, the Karnellis and the Manfredis, since the marriage of his parents had united the two factions. Despite his status, he was shunned from the Maggia's activities for his lousy behavior. Because of this, he allied himself with fledgling mob boss Mister Negative in hopes to rise to the top, unaware that Negative only intended to use him.

While hanging out at the Blind Spot, Karnelli was accidentally marked with a Spider-Tracer by Sean Boyle, a mugger who had stolen one of Spider-Man's Web-Shooters. After leaving the bar, Karnelli was kidnapped by Mister Negative's Inner Demons and brought to a secret medical facility where Mister Negative strapped Bruno to a pumping device that extracted his blood in order to brew a version of the poisonous Devil's Breath that was encoded to both sides of his family. Spider-Man interrupted the procedure since his spider-sense had picked up the tracer on Karnelli. Before escaping, Negative configured the pumps to extract all of Karnelli's blood to distract the hero. Spider-Man managed to save Karnelli, and he informed him about a meeting between the two families taking place at the Vandemere Hotel that Mister Negative was going to target.[1]

Following the death of every adult male in the Maggia at the hands of Devi's Breath,[2] Bruno took over operations, but his management was disastruous and the Maggia lost most of its influence. As a result, Carmine Karnelli hired Mysterio to orchestrate the apparent return of several dead Maggia higher-ups, including legendary Maggia leader Silvermane, and Bruno handed control over to them.[3]

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