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Along with the other Enforcers, Ox was seen as an employee of the Kingpin, a criminal who controlled most of the crime in New York. When Ox's leader, Mr. Big, was revealed by the Kingpin as the one who planned in overthrowing the Kingpin after sending Spider-Man to Fisk Towers, Kingpin have the Enforcers betraying their boss and having Ox and Montana holding Mr. Big as the Kingpin crushes his skull[1]. Ox, along with Montana, was disturbed and lamented of Mr. Big's death and had planned on turning himself in to the authorities[2]. After losing twice to Spider-Man, the Enforcers supposedly disbanded. After that Ox was arrested and spent some time in jail, during which it was revealed that Ox was not evil, just misguided.

Much later, Ox reunited with the Enforcers to work for Hammerhead. This pitted them directly against their former employer. However, Ox was arrested by the police after he and the Enforcers battled Shang-Chi and Daniel Rand in China Town and was knocked unconscious[3][4]. Ox was later interrogated by Captain Jean DeWolff into revealing Hammerhead's hideout[5].

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Sanchez was experienced in hand-to-hand combatant.

Physical Strength

Peak human strength, able to lift at least 800lbs.

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