Varoz's army of the undead

Mad genius Dr. Bruno Varoz operated out of a castle on his private island off the coast of Cuba. He was a scientific genius who constructed many death traps and created scientific monstrosities, including a two headed beast. He eventually perfected a form of synthetic blood that allowed him to reanimated the dead and force the corpses to do his bidding.

With the aid of his minion, the hunchback named Miguel, Dr. Varoz collected an army of the undead and unleashed them on the United States, ordering them to loot major cities such as New York City and Los Angeles and murder anyone who got in their way. The authorities were unable to stop the creatures and the President of the United States asked Professor Zog to use his Electro robot to stop the menace.

As Electro smashed the undead creatures, Dr. Varoz sent his two headed beast to capture Electro and bring the robot back to his island. He dumped the robot in a vat of acid and considered it destroyed. However, Professor Zog increased the robot's remote power source, allowing it to escape. Varoz again failed to stop Electro when his "Chamber of Death" proved ineffectual against the robot as well. Electro grabbed Varoz and tossed him into the vat of acid, killing him. Varoz's castle then was destroyed by an air raid, and Electro returned to America to crush the remaining undead forces that Varoz commanded.[1]

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Varoz's two-headed beast


Dr. Bruno Varoz was a scientific genius who genetically engineered a two headed beast that could easily over power the Electro robot. He also created a synthetic blood and a machine that could reanimate the dead. Those reanimated by his serum would follow his orders.



Varoz used a machine in conjunction with his synthetic blood to reanimate the dead. He also had a vat of acid to destroy his enemies, and constructed a "Chamber of Death" that would encase his opponents in a glass shell and carry them over a hot flame.

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