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Brutacus was the first of the seven children of Nicholas Scratch, and was part witch, part mutant.[1]

Early years

With his siblings, he became a member of Salem's Seven, alongside whom he has clashed repeatedly with the Fantastic Four,[4] and others including the Scarlet Witch.[5] For a time, the seven children were dead, banished, or inanimate.[1]


Seven years later, the children were returned upon the breakdown of the Scarlet Witch, and the great disruption of the magical realms (known as M-Day to mutants).[1]

They all ended up being drawn together to Whisper Hill, upstate New York, with not much memory of their past life.[1]

Protectors of New Salem

Salem's Seven recently reformed, acting as benevolent protectors for the community of witches in New Salem, Colorado.[6]



Brutacus has the ability to transform into a leonine humanoid form with red horns. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability sufficient to enable him to battle the Thing or the Vision.

In human form, he had limited abilities to wield magic.[3]

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