Quote1 Better stop or Brute will smash you. Quote2
-- Brute

The Brute was one of the many victims of Sinister's ghastly experiments. Having his brain experimented on, the Brute became a simple minded almost-child-like being with a very hazy recollection of his past. He was rescued by Forge and joined up with his band of Outcasts along with Sauron, Mastermind, Toad and Nate Grey aka, the X-Man. They traveled around the ruins of America performing Shakespearean plays.

The group stopped a train leading humans to be culled, clashing with the Infinites. They saved the passengers with the help of Nate, rescuing another mutant named Theresa. On the way back to camp they picked up another traveler named Essex who unknown to them was really Sinister in disguise hoping to coax Nate, his last experiment, into testing the limit of his powers.[1]

The Brute found Essex familiar, but his dim memory would not allow him to remember who he was. After a training session, Essex convinced the others to target a factory where human experiments were supposedly being done. The group clashed with the Madri and ultimately destroyed the factory. Back at their camp, Brute finally remembered that Essex was really Sinister and confronted him, however the Brute didn't stand a chance against Sinister's power and was easily slain.[2] Most of Nate's other allies met the same fate, however Nate avenged their deaths when he seemingly slew Sinister in a one on one fight.[3]


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability


Brute is simple-minded, consequently to Sinister's experimentation on his brain.

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