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Brute and his brother Hump accompanied Masque in confronting Sabretooth, one of the Marauders from the notorious "Mutant Massacre." They attempted to claim Sabretooth's life, but Caliban seemingly slew Sabretooth before they could do so. Hump and Brute tried to help Masque capture Feral, but they failed and she escaped into the sewers. Brute, Hump, and Masque followed Feral and found her in the X-Mansion. After the New Mutants defeated members of the Protectorate, Masque told them to give Feral back to them but Cable refused. Brute threatened Cable and Cable shot him in the head. Masque and Hump then decided to leave.


Brute possessed superhuman strength (class 20?) and endurance. He was also taller than a normal human and possessed superior reflexes. He was also apparently highly resistant to injury, although not against gunshots.

Strength level

Class 20



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