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Born in a small american town, Bryce McHenry grew up without a father and with a mother who constantly brought home new boyfriends. Eventually Bryce met a girl named Hayley and had a little daughter Iris. However, this life ended when his mom's latest boyfriend "Eli" turned out to be on a run from problems with criminals. Bryce confronted Elwin and accidentially killed him with his own gun. With his last words, Elwin urged Bryce to run, as he would be put for life otherwise. Bryce abandoned his family with Elwin's money and disappered forever.[1]

Over years Bryce became an assassin of some renown, living a life of gratification with an unbeat attitude. This too came to end when he was hired to kill a japanese politician Ken Takahara. After carrying out the hit, Bryce was double-crossed and almost killed, although he managed to ecape into mountains with some wounds. Members a Japanese Macaque clan took him in, nursing him back to health with herbal remedies and hot springs. One Monkey disagreed with this, believing that would bring evil with him. Once Bryce regained his health, he began to hone his skills, practicing on snowmen. The Monkey had studied Bryce, who warned him against picking up a gun in anger. The Monkey resorted to physical violence against the members of his clan over the continued presence of the assassin and was exiled. He happened upon a group of soldiers in the woods who were looking for the assassin, and returned to the clan to give warning, but did not make it in time. Bryce and his clan were slain and Monkey sought vengeance, picking up the weapons, and killing the soldiers.[2]

Bryce as a ghost

His home and his tribe gone, the Monkey set out on his journey searching for the one who gave the orders to kill the assassin. Bryce's spirit soon appeared to him, explaining that he felt bound to Monkey and unable to either ascend or leave his side. Bryce began guiding the Monkey towards those who ordered the original hit, seeking vengeance for both his own death and those of the Monkey's tribesmen.[3]

The Monkey and Bryce came up on a Monk who could see and understand them both. The Monk told Bryce that they needed to eradiate the root of evil to pass over, which Bryce interpreted and killing everyone who was behind the Takahara hit and began guiding the monkey through the chain of Yakuza.[3] However, when the seeminly last of them was dead, Bryce still failed to ascend.[4]

Bryce and Monkey visited the Monk again, who showed Monkey that Bryce could be stopped with salt and told him to follow his own path instead of being led by Bryce. After surviving an encounter with Lady Bullseye, the Monkey trapped Bryce's spirit inside a circle of salt inside a McDonalds bathroom stall and left.[5] He eventually returned and freed him after several weeks have passed.[1] They learned from Akiko Yokohama and Haruka that one of the candidates Itaru Ozu was apparently behind the hit on Takahara and was beind funded by the Bonsai Master. The Monkey killed the Bonsai Master, but Ozu claimed to be innocent, revealing that Akiko's uncle Shinji Yokohama was behind the original hit all along and had just become the new Prime Minister.[6] Finally coming face to face with Shinji, the Monkey was persuaded not to kill him by Bryce, who thus redeemed himself and managed to ascend. However, after some time Bryce appeared to the Monkey once again. Bryce revealed that he found the warm place to be awesome, but wished to be with his friend once again and had signed a contract with the red dude that allowed him to do so.[7]


  • Bryce is incredibly upbeat and carefree, even after losing his life. He was hiding his pain behind this mask well, only opening to Monkey after spending a lot of time in his company.

Powers and Abilities


  • Expert Marksman: Bryce displayed precision aiming skills while being alive.[2]


  • Animal Language: As a ghost, Bryce became able to understand everything that Monkey was saying, down to the precise meaning of his grunts.
  • Telekinesis: After going to the warm place and back, Bryce discovered that he could levitate small objects, although he still lacked experience to do it properly.[7]


  • Monkey Proximity: As a ghost, Bryce found himself unable to leave Monkey side. Whenever the Monkey would move more than a few dozen meters away, Bryce would be forcibly dragged towards him.
  • Salt: Table salt causes Bryce's ghost extreme pain. He initially found himself completely unable to cross a barrier made of salt.[5] Later, he managed to overcome the pain and discovered that being covered in salt made him temporarily tangible and visible, allowing him to interact with mortals other than Monkey.[7]


  • Bryce answers to the name "Shouler" in the first episode, making it seem to be his last name. Later in a flashback the mother of his child calls him "Bryce McHenry", revealing his true birth name. Finally, Bryce introduces himself as "Bryce Fowler" to Yuki, but whether this is his new legal name or just another pseudonim remains unclear.


  • After becoming a ghost, Bryce no longer sleeps.[8]

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