Bryson Bale's powers surfaced slightly after puberty. Once the townsfolk got word of his abilities, they burned down his house. His younger sister Tracy died in the fire, and his mother would die a month later of grief. Filled with rage, The Brotherhood offered him a chance to channel it.

Bryson, along with Bela, Clive and Fiona attempt to kidnap Malon Reeves, the rich mutant daughter of the rich mutant Malcom Reeves (The family's mutancy was supposed to be a secret). Things gone bad and Malon runs Clive over. Bryson then forces Bela to drain away Clive's life, so he won't die in slow agony. Malon unleashes her mutant powers on Bela and Fiona, but Bryson knocks her out with a swift backhand. He then promises Orwell, who has been watching in the shadows, that he will break Malon in.

Back at their hideout, Bryson prevents Bela from torturing Malon anymore, saying she's one of them. Bryson is shown in a video alongside Malon, who destroys one of her father's information satellites, then kisses him. Later, Malcolm Reeves is shocked to see his daughter and Bryson show up at his office. Malcolm exposes himself as a mutant and Bryson attacks him to protect Malon. In some dark room in some random location, Hoffman and Orwell discuss the fall of the London cell now that Bryson is dead.


  • Superhuman Strength: His strength is increased to an unknown level.
  • Disabled nerve endings: His nerve endings were disabled, so he is unable to feel pain.

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