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Brythunia was one the Hyborian Kingdoms, though not a very unified one. A single monarch maintained nominal authority over a large number of autonomous cities and noble domains. The nobility in fact prided itself in being able to restrict royal authority. Bruthunians had long tried to establish their country was a regional power, but their lack of unity left them overshadowed by the better-organized Aquilonia and Nemedia.

For some reason, the Bruthunians were frequent subjects of Hyborian jokes. Their men had been stereotyped as "thickwitted oafs." On the other hand, their women had a reputation for beauty and sensuality. The women were prized items for slave traders, since this reputation ensured that there were always customers willing to pay high prices for them.[3]

Badly wounded from a sword-toothed leopard's attack in the snow-clogged mountain pass to Zamora, Conan was cured and healed by Ahirn and his family, in their humble abode at the foot of the Brythunian mountains. The Cimmerian spent some time helping the farmers, until they were all killed by a band of Zamoran slavers. After killing the slavers, Conan continued on into Zamora.[4]

He tried once again to navigate the difficult mountain pass between Brythunia and Zamora, but was pushed back by a flash flood of melted snow. Conan then met Skalla, a Chooser of the Slain who wished to stay among the mortals, but eventually returned to Father Borri, the Grey God. After she left, the Cimmerian tried to climb the pass for the third time.[5]

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