Bubble Ship

Bubble Ship from Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 13
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Bubble Ship
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Information-silk Dimensions
3.048 meters in diameter[1]
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Doctor Doom developed this submarine spherical vehicle[2][1] of 3.048 meters in diameter made of semi-transparent plasteel[1] and sporting the Royal Seal of Latveria as its only discernable feature. In a demonstration of Doom's geniality, the Bubble Ship was propelled by transforming the water pressure into energy, and exceeded the speed of any submarine vehicle, even those built by the Atlanteans.[2][1] The vehicle allowed Doom to communicate with people outside simply by speaking.[2] Doom built one single Bubble Ship, commonly kept under Castle Doom in dry dock.[1]

at one point, Doom singlehandedly piloted the Bubble Ship to accompany his ally the Sub-mariner to Atlantis, where Doom intended to heal the Sub-mariner's Atlantean subjects; the commonly unimpressionable Sub-mariner was impressed at the vehicle. When they reached Atlantis, they found that the Sub-mariner enemy Warlord Krang and his army had taken over the city. Doom sealed his armor and left the Bubble Ship to help the Sub-mariner in battle and to heal the Atlanteans. After succeeding in both fronts, Doom returned to the Bubble Ship and left Atlantis.[2]

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