The Bubble at the Heart of Time blocked time travel across realities and before and after the time of its formation. The Counsel of Kangs learned of its existence and attempted to manipulate the Avengers to penetrate the bubble and use it as a weapon.[1] Eventually, Reed Richards learned of the bubble's existence, and built a timesled to pierce the bubble. With the help of Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor, Gladiator of that reality, and the rest of the Fantastic Four, the time bubble was destroyed.[2]

The Bubble at the Heart of Time formed as the result of a warp in space-time from Galactus of Earth-8810 consuming a large amount of matter. After Galactus lay dying on Earth as a result of his battle with Terrax and the Fantastic Four [3], Black Celestial restored him to full health but increased his hunger.[4] Subsequently, Galactus created a black hole to draw enough matter to him to satisfy his hunger. Twenty years later, Galactus gathered so much mass that he warped space and time around him to such an extent that it created a time bubble. The time bubble prevented time travel before and after, extended across other time lines, and threatened to destroy the entire universe. The Black Celestial created a device that would ensure his own survival and would allow him to start a new universe. Eventually, the Fantastic Four discovered the time bubble and destroyed Galactus and the bubble using the Ultimate Nullifier.[5]


Galactus of Earth-8810

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