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Little is known about the being named Bubonicus. He is known to be a demigod who thinks that all living beings could pontentially be plague carriers and seeks to eradicate all life, seeing death as the only cure.[2] He was also aided by the Hawk God through means yet unknown.[3]

After creating a void comprised of viruses which began killing Eternity, the Galactic Guardians came to investigate the phenomenon, but Bubonicus first infected the member the Phoenix sending him mad, and then proceeded to infect Firelord, Spirit of Vengeance and Hollywood. When their teammates Martinex and Replica dropped the cloaking shields and tried to find a way to cure them, Bubonicus entered their ship and tried to infect Martinex. However, it was actually Replica posing as Martinex who set a trap for Bubonicus, allowing Martinex to freeze Bubonicus, while Replica stole his Pulse Wand and took the form of an inhabitant of Jadroxx knocking him out. When the Phoenix returned to the ship after regaining his mind, he cleansed the ship and his teammates of the sickness, however, also allowing Bubonicus to regain his senses and escaped.[2]

After that, he continued to infect various planets, until arriving to the Sanctuary where he was ambushed by the combined effort of Major Victory and Ripjak, whose race was decimaded by Bubonicus. The duo were able to get the upper hand, but when Ripjak was about to kill Bubonicus, Major Victory didn't allow him, because he believed that Bubonicus should be judged in a fair case. This allowed Bubonicus to knock them out and escape, while the High Evolutionary cured the inhabitants of the Santuary. Afterwards, both Ripjak and High Evolutionary went after Bubonicus, leaving Major Victory behind.[1]



Bubonicus appears to wear a Celestial-like armour,[2] which he later redesigned, [1] but is unknown if he is simply wearing it, or is part of his body.


Pulse Wand: an object which allowed Bubonicus to analyze and infect his victims with virulent microbes which adapt to the host body with varying symptomps, but with the same result with death.[2] It's capable of surrounding entire worlds with a full spectrum of pestilence and can also generate a firestorm of epidemic energy waves.[1]


He is seemingly capable to travel though interstellar flight.[4]

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