Buck Cowan was the closest friend of Jack Russell and one of the few individuals who knew he suffered from a curse that forced him to transform into a werewolf. Jack would often ask Buck to lock him up at his house during full moon nights. At one point, Jack provided Buck with a gun loaded with silver bullets to put him down if necessary, but when Jack broke out in his werewolf form, Buck couldn't bring himself to shoot his friend[2].

Buck was targeted by Atlas, a former actor who had become horribly disfigured in an accident on a movie written by Cowan. He was saved by Jack and when Atlas was about to kill the werewolf, Buck shot and killed him[3].

Buck was almost killed by Russell in his werewolf form when he tried to protect little Buttons Marston who had become lost in a snowstorm and enountered the werewolf[4].

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