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Bucky Wong was a member of the United States Armed Forces during World War II. He, alongside Dum Dum Fury found himself drafted into a special forces commando unit, the Howling Commandos of Hoggoth under the command of the mystic warrior and Bucky's old friend Stephen Rogers, the Soldier Supreme. Buck followed his commander as they earned decisive victories along the way. During these travels, Wong was consistent in his attempts to get Rogers to loosen up, and learn to enjoy himself after a good day, and a hard-earned victory, though he never fully succeeded.

Bucky alive

The Howling Commandos were sent into the Ardennes, where a Nazi mortar took the team by surprise. Bucky Wong was incinerated, leaving no traces behind. Rogers refused to let his friend die and channeling his arcane energies to bring Wong back as a spectral being. Wong would materialize in and out at will, and became a ghost story among known as the "Winter Soldier." After the death of Adolf Hitler, the Commandos finally tracked Dormammu Red down, ending in a battle between him and Rogers. While Rogers was heavily overpowered, he allowed Red to focus entirely on him, giving Bucky the opportunity to appear behind him and impale the Nazi sorcerer through the chest with his bayonet. Before the two could finish him off however, Dormammu pulled them both into the Dark Dimension, trapping them.[1]

While Bucky tried to remain with Rogers during his decades long imprisonment in the Dark Dimension, his manifestations became fewer and further between. He was not present when Rogers escaped, and his current fate is unknown.[2]


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