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Bud LaRosa

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Bud LaRosa

Real Name
Bud LaRosa
Bud La Rosa; Bud LaRosa; Nekros

Marvel Comics; D.C. Comics; Continuity Comics; Nekros Studios Inc.


Place of Birth
Brooklyn , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth

Jan 3rd , 1966

Personal History

Self taught artist. In 1985-86 hired to do backgrounds for Neal Adams at Continuity Comics. In 1986 was hired by John Romita for an on staff position as a "Romita Raider" . This is where I cut my teeth in the business, learning everything there was to learn. I started to do freelance work, as well as backgrounds for Keith Williams. In 1987 I became too busy w/my freelance work, and decided to leave the on staff position at Marvel.

Professional History

Issues credited

Spider-Man work

X Books

X-Force cover

Pollina & LaRosa

X-Force #26,X-Force #27,X-Force #29,X-Force #50,X-Force #51,X-Force #52,X-Force #54,X-Force #56,X-Force #58,X-Force #59,X-Force #60,X-Force #85,X-Force #89,

Marvel Mainstream


Gene Colan & Bud LaRosa

Work History

Images Attributed to Bud LaRosa


I am in the middle of updating this page & adding the exact books that I have worked on. Please feel free to add any that I may have missed. Thanks, Bud


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