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Buford without the Leap-Frog costume

Buford Lange lived in Hell's Kitchen and was abusive to his wife Allison and son Timmy. One day, he found a discarded Leap-Frog outfit and used it to commit a series of robberies. The vigilante Daredevil attempted to stop him, but when Lange's son Timmy unexpectedly appeared, Daredevil became distracted, allowing Lange to hit him in the head with a pipe. When Lange threatened his son, Timmy used an exposed wire to electrocute his father, ending his crime spree.[1]

Lange was later killed and resurrected by the Hand to be one of its soldier. He and a bunch of other villains that worked for the Hand launched an attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Black Hawk and was killed by Wolverine.[2]


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