Bug Weaver is a anthropomorphic insect that is the uncle of Webster Weaver, a young man who would eventually become the costumed hero known as the Man-Spider. Although the circumstances are unrevealed, Bug and his wife Mayfly would raise young Webster as one of their own. One night, Bug would be murdered by the evil insect hating Raze who would escape police captivity due to his nephews inactivity.

Although initially thinking it was none of his business, Webster's attitude would change when he would be told by police that it was his Uncle Bug that was murdered. This would inspire Webster to stop using his powers for fame and fortune and instead focus on crime fighting. Ultimately, Webster would confront Raze and avenge his uncles death when Raze would accidentally blow himself up with is own bomb trying to kill the Man-Spider.[citation needed]

Bug Weaver is Earth-7840's version of Uncle Ben.

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