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Buka the Witch Doctor

Buka was the medicine man of the cannibalistic Mari tribe of South Africa during the 1940's. By 1941 the Chisholm Mining Company opened up a diamond mind near his tribe. Baku negotiated with a businessman named Ridley who sought to purchase the mine as cheaply as possible. To this end, the two plotted to use the superstitions of the hired natives to their advantage. Planting a rock painted to look like a diamond and coated with a poison that was lethal to the touch. When the "diamond" was found and a number of workers died touching it, Baku appeared, claiming that it was a curse put on the mine by Vool-Kan, the Earth-core god worshiped by the Mari people. He further instigated local fears, making the workforce dwindle as less natives wished to work for the supposedly cursed mine and the Chisholm company began losing profits.

When the Black Marvel traveled to the region to investigate, Baku and his tribes people would capture him examining the diamond and carry him back to their tribe. There they attempted to boil him alive in a large pot, but the hero would break free and escape Baku and the others. Revealing the truth just before the owners of the mine could sell to Ridley, the Black Marvel led them back into the mine to show them his proof. There they encountered what appeared to be the embodiment of Vool-Kan himself, threatening them to leave his domain. The Black Marvel would battle "Vool-Kan" smashing his wood mask revealing him to be Buka in disguise.

Ridley arrived in the mine shortly after, armed with a gun. When Buka exposed Ridley's involvement, Ridley shot Buka dead. Ridley was knocked out by the Black Marvel and turned over to the authorities.[citation needed]


Buka was a witch doctor, likely well versed in tribal medicine.


When posing as Vool-Kan, Buka wore a wooden mask that obscured his features.


Buka had access to his tribe's primitive weapons, which mostly consisted of spears.

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