Bulgaria (Bulgarian: България), officially the Republic of Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe. The capital city is Sofia.


Bulgaria XM9

Lucifer spent ten years building a continent-destroying thermal bomb under the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria, but was tracked there by his old enemy Charles Xavier, who had just graduated his first class of X-Men, and by the Avengers. Xavier discovered that Lucifer had connected the thermal bomb to his own heartbeat, so that, should Lucifer be hurt, the bomb would explode - so Xavier sent his X-Men to nearby Bavaria to prevent the Avengers interfering. Meanwhile, in Lucifer's cave HQ under Bulgaria, Xavier used his mental powers to knock out Lucifer. Then, he contacted Thor of the Avengers to explain the situation, and then guided the X-Men to the cave, where X-Man Cyclops carefully defused the bomb, defeating Lucifer.[1]

Black Widow tracked a former Russian agent named "Sadko" to Burgas.[2]

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